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trends in gaming world

The digital gaming industry is thriving. As of March 2019, the US video gaming industry had hit $119 billion. Between April 2019 and March 2020, the monthly retail revenue was $1.2 billion. 

The pandemic made things better for the industry. When entertainment venues were shut down, players had no choice but to explore online options. As the gaming world continues to grow, new trends keep coming up. Here are a few of the most recent trends to know about. 

1. The Use of Live Dealers 

Live casino games are doing a lot better than ever. They have taken over the world of online gambling. They bring you the convenience of online casinos in addition to the human touch of land-based casinos. Live casinos offer you the best of both worlds. 

They have human dealers who are engaging, knowledgeable, and professional. They can also guide you on how to play different casino games and make your experience more authentic. 

Top-tier casinos work with the best developers in the industry. They include Evolution Gaming and Pragmatic Play for their live games. They feature games like Baccarat and Blackjack. Something about human interaction encourages you to play for longer. It adds a social feel to the gaming experience. 

2. Remastered Games and Game Remakes

There have been many remakes of series and films in the last decade. From Dumbo to Hawaii Five-O, the options are endless. The nostalgia of re-experiencing new games has customers coming back for more. 

In 2020, many titles already have remastered version. The list includes Resident Evil 3, Warcraft 3, and the Final Fantasy VII Remake. The remastered games are better in both features and graphics. 

Developers are always reinterpreting new games to suit casino players. The best part is that you can experience some of these classic games free of charge at Nitro Casinos . You might not find table games like blackjack and poker but you can have endless fun playing slots.

3. Video Game Streaming

The gaming industry no longer relies on sales. Job disciplines in the industry aren’t limited to the creation of games. Game journalism is an equally important part of the industry. Digital platforms allow everyone to be part of the game. YouTube and Twitch are the biggest platforms for video game streaming. 

Most streams aren’t by professional gamers. Instead, they are by professional game streamers. Video streams don’t just include live professional competitions. Game walkthroughs and testing are popular as well. 

Video game streaming has changed traditional spectatorship, work, and play ideas. Back in the day, getting the opportunity to hold the controller would make people antsy. 

Today, people love watching others play more than being behind controllers. Video game streaming doesn’t end with games on PCs and consoles. Mobile game streaming is growing popular as well. Facebook Gaming has also made its way into the live game streaming market. 

4. Mainstream XR Use

2019 was a significant year for extended reality. It is a combination of virtual reality and augmented reality. The trend is no longer just applicable in games. It is also present in outside entertainment applications. Marketing and design firms now use XR. 

In 2018, 5.8 million VR headset units were sold worldwide. However, there is such a strong momentum that industry experts think the number could reach 68.6 million by 2023. XR spending is expected to hit $160 billion. 

Experts also believe that about $8.9 billion will be invested in training-related activities. $3.9 billion would go into retail showcasing, and $4.3 billion would be used for industrial maintenance. Over $20 billion would be used in XR gaming and features. 

Three main tools could help XR go mainstream in the gaming market; First, newer consoles will be powerful enough to handle XR requirements. In addition, XR devices have become cheaper than ever. 5G technology is on the way, making VR streaming accessible on the cloud. It is a great time for both professionals and casual gamers. 

5. Boom of Mobile Gaming

The world’s mobile gaming market hit $151.9 billion in 2019. The market has been growing steadily ever since. In 2019, mobile gaming made up 58.8 percent of the digital games market. This was $64.4 billion.

The COVID pandemic took mobile gaming to a different level. In March 2020, there was a 15 percent year-over-year increase in mobile gaming. The market reached $5.7 billion. Even after the pandemic, the numbers have remained high. Playing mobile games online is a convenient way to have some fun. 

6. Gaming-As-a-Service (GaaS) 

GaaS or cloud gaming has been revolutionary for the industry. Its success makes it possible to navigate the barriers and loops of costly hardware sets. Cloud gaming works by allowing you to outsource computational needs to remote hardware. 

Some providers offer a complete gaming experience with as low as 15Mbps connection. There is a mobile interface through which you can access content on the go through other devices. 

The cloud gaming market was worth $1 million in 2018. Industry leaders expect it to reach $8 million by 2025. The biggest platforms include Microsoft xCloud, Apple Arcade, and PlayStation Now. Newer options could crop up in the future. 

7. Crypto Payments

Crypto payments are set to take over the online gaming world. Today, almost all online platforms accept crypto. They are popular for their security, anonymity, and convenience. You can complete transactions instantly. The gameplay in Bitcoin casinos is fantastic as well. 

The extra layer of security that cryptocurrencies employ protects you from identity theft and hacking. While traditional payment methods are still in use, they are incomparable to crypto payments. 

Crypto options like Ethereum and Bitcoin are the preferred choices for most gamers. This will be the same for many years. 

8. Access In Restricted Gaming Areas

Since crypto has introduced anonymity into the gaming world, your activities are practically untraceable. Your personal information isn’t tied to this digital currency. Therefore, you can easily access restricted gaming areas. Players from all over the world can play online casino games regardless of their locality. 

Online casinos are popular even in areas with strict regulations against land-based casinos. 

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